Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The main reason I created this blog is to share my views on the subject of creating various  types of pictures with the Microsoft Word Drawing Toolbar. I plan to post a few sample Word drawings on my blog with tips on how to create them so that Word users can also learn to use the word processor to create impressive graphics.

        Before I continue, let me introduce myself. I am an Art Education teacher and also an Art book writer from Malaysia. I have written several books on the subject of Art Education and Computer Graphics (Adobe Photoshop and Drawing with Word). I have found an alternative to the problem faced by many computer users  who can’t afford to acquire costly computer graphics software or programs to produce  illustrations. Since many computer users in Asia are familiar with the Microsoft Office suite, learning how to draw with Word can be an added advantage too.

       Therefore, I’ll be posting graphics projects on my blog from time to time to demonstrate how the Word drawings are done and how to use them in a variety of ways. I hope you like them.

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